[Owasp-cambridge] 2018/2019 OWASP Cambridge Chapter Events, Projects and Updates

Adrian Winckles adrian.winckles at owasp.org
Sun Sep 2 10:16:44 UTC 2018

Dear All

Hope everyone had a good summer.  Now the upheaval of reorganisations in
the day job are starting to settle’, I’m in a position to start looking at
the this next years OWAPS Cambridge, BCS Cybercrime Forensics and UK Cyber
Security Forum Cluster events

I’ve had a OWASP Cambridge Meetup created where we’ll post event details
(As well as the Wiki and Eventbrite) which will probably eventually replace
the mailing list.


We're proposing a number events over the next 8-9 months

There was a possibility of a meeting on Tuesday 11th September but that is
very tight now with no guarantee of speakers.

October Tuesday 9th  October 5pm - 9pm
November Tuesday 6th November 5pm - 9pm
December Tuesday 4th December 5pm - 9pm

In January I'm looking at potentially a couple of day events (potentially
15th and 24th January 2019)

OWASP & BCS Cybercrime Forensics Reverse Engineering Workshop

OWASP , BCS Cybercrime Forensics UK Cyber Security Forum Cyber Threat
Intelligence Day

In the new year chapter events are likely to be on

Mid February - Tuesday 12th February 5pm - 9pm
Mid  March - Tuesday 12th March 5pm - 9pm
Early April - Tuesday 9th April 5pm - 9pm
Mid May - Tuesday 14th May 5pm - 9pm

We’re always looking for potential speakers, beer and pizza sponsors for
future  event so if you can help with any of those please get in touch or
if you want to support one of the initiate yes below.

Some themes/ideas we would like to pursue

   - Cambridge Developer and Testing Community - Secure Coding Workshops &
   Secure Coding Competitions
   - OWASP Application Security Verification System (ASVS) Training
   - OWASP Threat Modelling Training
   - ModSecurity (WAF) Core Rule Set
   - Use of Machine Learning in Threat Intelligence
   - Capture the Flag Competitions

On a different note , we’re now  leading a couple of OWASP projects via the
chapter & day job

OWASP Application Security Curriculum Project


OWASP Web Honeypot Project


IF anyone would like to volunteer to get involved, provide resources or
even sponsor please get in contact.  I’d like to use this opportunity to
provide opportunities for students to engage in open source industry
projects either as internship/placement opportunities or part of
dissertation projects   IF anyone ever has has any suitable industry level
projects for students to work on as internships, placements or just
volunteering opportunities please let me know.

Many thanks

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