[Owasp-buffalo] Attend the September 25 OWASP Austin Chapter Meeting Remotely!

James Kist james.kist at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 22:19:45 UTC 2012

September OWASP Austin Chapter Meeting

When: September 25th, 11:30am-1:00pm CDT

11:45 AM - Chapter Announcements
12:00 PM - Presentation

Topic: Vulnerability Spidey Sense

A dedicated attacker does not have time limitations when attempting to
find vulnerabilities in a target. As a penetration tester, you are
bound by certain restrictions, including scope, attack methods, and
time/date restrictions. Because of these restrictions, it's helpful to
prioritize certain targets over others to increase your chances of
breaking in. This talk will cover scenarios which raise red flags for
us, why, and how to develop your own sense of intuition.

Speakers: Daniel Crowely and Chris Vinecombe

Daniel Crowley - Daniel (aka "unicornFurnace") is an Application
Security Consultant for Trustwave's SpiderLabs team. He has been
working in the information security industry for over 7 years and has
been focused on penetration testing, specifically on Web applications.
Daniel denies all allegations regarding unicorn smuggling and
questions your character for evensuggesting it. Daniel has developed
configurable testbeds such as SQLol and XMLmao for training and
research regarding specific vulnerabilities. Daniel enjoys climbing
large rocks. Daniel is a frequent speaker at conferences including
DEFCON, Shmoocon, and SOURCE. Daniel does his own charcuterie.

Chris Vinecombe - Chris Vinecombe is an Application Security Analyst
for Trustwave's SpiderLabs team. He has been working in the
information security industry for 2 years. He currently focuses on
penetration testing, specifically web application security. He is
eager to learn ALL the things.

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