[Owasp-browser-security-acid-tests] WBTS Questions

John Wilander john.wilander at owasp.org
Tue Feb 22 08:49:15 EST 2011

2011/2/22 Isaac Dawson <isaac.dawson at gmail.com>

> I think a virtualenv for python would make the most sense for this. I think
> users who will have the most problem installing (no offense) will be Windows
> users, as such it might make sense to make an MSI installer.
> As for OSX, I've never tested it anyone got a spare system they could try
> it out on?

I'm an OSX guy switching back and forth between Python 2.* and Python 3.* to
get things working :).

I'll try it out but right now (as in this week) I'm busy with getting the
browser security session notes out and spawning the Developer Outreach
Initiative (
Compared to those two "projects" the Browser Sec ACID test is a mature
project :).

   Regards, John

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