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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Tue Feb 22 08:04:06 EST 2011

Yes. Everything at OWASP is "open". 

Related to that, if we find issues with a browser that we want to keep
private until the vendors have a chance to address, we'll have to figure out
how to not make that public. Maybe the test author runs the test, finds an
issue, and then removes the test or something???


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I've updated the road map and put it on the wiki.  I don't see any reason
why it shouldn't be public, at least for now (this list is public too,
right?)  I need to make some other changes to the roadmap but now it's at
least some place more visible and where others can more easily contribute.


In related news, I created some tabs and initial text for several of them -
very preliminary still.  Please update them too, as you see fit.

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