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*Subject:* Upcoming Advanced IHL Trainings:
We are pleased to announce upcoming *IHL Advanced Trainings* in Washington,
DC. Advanced Trainings are short, brownbag style lunch events with expert
speakers presenting a variety of topics in international humanitarian
law. *Cyberspace
and International Humanitarian Law*, led by IHL Legal Advisor Helen
McDermott. Sign up below!

Cyberspace and IHL
Tue, August 22, 2017

International law regulating the conduct of hostilities developed in
response to conventional kinetic weaponry. As virtual technologies become
increasingly prominent in the practice and discourse of armed conflict,
questions arise as to whether, and if so how, the framework of
international humanitarian law applies to operations conducted in and
through cyberspace. Military doctrine now considers cyberspace one of five
interdependent domains through which military forces must be able to defend
and operate just as they have traditionally done in the physical domains of
air, land, maritime, and space. Having said this, conducting operations in
cyberspace continues to present a number of unique operational and legal
challenges. This training will highlight some of these challenges and in
doing so, provide participants with an understanding of how international
humanitarian law applies to cyber operations. We will explore what is meant
by the terms ‘cyber space’, ‘cyber warfare’ and ‘cyber attack’, and
consider how *jus in bello* principles of distinction and neutrality might
translate to cyber operations.

Register here.
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