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Thu Mar 25 19:56:00 EDT 2010

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 5:10 PM, Leonardo Buonsanti
<leonardo.buonsanti at gmail.com> wrote:
> Let's remember there are some catches between PT-BR and PT-PT, such as
> translating the word "file" as "ficheiro" in Portugal and "arquivo" in
> Brazil, just to mention.
> Sure there are lots of words that will be translated differently. How we
> deal with this?

Unfortunately we are not using a proper tool for the
authoring/translating job. A good authoring tool can mitigate this
issues. Like, in Latex, when someone wants to refer to "file", would
be possible to do:


and directives would guide proper translation at the compilation
process. Unfortunately, we are using Word.

It would be very productive to OWASP to use Latex as it main authoring
tool. This argue holds itself cause it would make it simpler to work
with authoring, document standartization, translations and distributed

the authors can keep their minds on the contents and coworkers may do
the design job by creating templates. Besides, as the design is weakly
coupled to the text, it may be used in many others documents, creating
a easily adaptable standard.

Using Latex is also possible to structure the documel is their
sections, chapters or other kind of division, making possible to occur
concurrent changes without the need of a centralized merging's

and like I said before, problems like exists between the many dialects
of languages like portuguese would be mitigated by conditionals

I would spend all my night arguing in Latex favor. So, I think it may
be a directions for futher OWASP's documents.

By the time, I think the regionalisms shall be respected for the sake
of understandability. So, we must work separately, being one the
consulting guide for the other.

Pedro Arthur P. R. Duarte


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