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acho importante divulgar esta iniciativa aqui na lista também. Estamos
fazendo bonito aqui no Brasil e vamos ter a chance de fazer ainda



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Dear Fellow OWASP Leaders,

in 2009 we had the first AppSec in South America, which was organised
by the Brazilian Chapter in Brasilia, with more than 200 participants
from Brazil, Argentina and Peru. For 2010, we are already organising
another AppSec Brasil, which will be in Campinas (90 km from the City
of São Paulo). We will soon begin releasing the call for presentations
for 2010 and hope to have even more submissions from Latin America
than we had last year. We have set the goal to make the transition
from AppSec Brasil to AppSec Latin America, and need your help in
doing so.

As you may know, OWASP's Global Conferences Committee will soon issue
a Call for Conferences for year 2011. Before answering to this call,
we are planning to release a Call for Conference Locations, so that
candidate teams around Latin America can propose local venues to host
a big AppSec Latin America Conference for 2011.

We believe this will be the first big effort to get together the Latin
American OWASP Community in a big meeting, which would increase
collaboration among our Chapter members and improve the presence of
the community in OWASP.

We hope to have your support for this effort and are eager to hear
your comments and suggestions. We also ask you to help us spread the
word to other Chapters or groups we may have missed.

Best Regards,

Wagner Elias (wagner.elias at owasp.org)
Eduardo Camargo Neves (eduardo.neves at owasp.org)
Lucas C. Ferreira (lucas.ferreira at owasp.org)

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