[Owasp-brazilian] WAF em livecd

Rodrigo Montoro(Sp0oKeR) spooker at gmail.com
Sat May 23 16:59:59 EDT 2009

Parece o coyote em versão WAF hehehe

Attacks against application business logic such as SQL injection, URL
parameter-tampering, and cookie-tampering (just to name a few) are
completely mitigated. The LiveCD ISO image (less than 6M) can be used
to boot any x86-based system from CD as a single-purpose hardware
appliance, or with your favorite VM software as a virtual appliance.

Noticia: http://ow.ly/8JB4

Site do livecd: http://www.webscurity.com/livecd.htm.

Ta na minha TODO list de testes, caso alguem testar poste aqui


Rodrigo Montoro (Sp0oKeR)

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