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On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 13:12, Eduardo Neves <eduardo at camargoneves.com>wrote:

> Pessoal,
> A bola rolou, agora é começarmos a trabalhar em conjunto para andar com
> tranquilidade. Se esperamos 200 pessoas (plausível?) o evento deverá ser
> programado para setembro de 2009, e é pouco tempo para algo assim.
> Voluntários?
> Eduardo
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> *Date: *November 16, 2008 12:29:55 PM GMT-02:00
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> *Subject: **RE: LA AppSec 2009*
> When you say LA, I assume you mean Latin America, not Los Angeles? :-)
> An OWASP conference in South America would be awesome. I have include many
> of the people that I know are from South America or are interested in
> supporting pulling together a conference in that region but I am sure there
> are many more. You could find all the chapter leaders for the various
> chapters in South America from the OWASP site. See:
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Chapter It looks like there
> are at least 4-5 chapters there.
> Paulo/Dinis - what other active contributors are there from South America
> that might be interested in helping to organize such an event.
> I think you should also coordinate with our new Global Conferences
> Committee
> and Kate, to solicit their help. As the overall Conferences Chair, I am
> looking to this committee to provide more direct help to people like you.
> Kate can provide you the contacts for who is on that committee.
> I would also suggest that as you learn more things, you help update the How
> to Host a conference page so it's more useful to future users of that page.
> -Dave
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> Subject: LA AppSec 2009
> Dear Dave,
> Was a pleasure to be in the EU Summit, however I was a little
> disappointed to see that even with so many green dots, Brazil was not
> defined as a place for the next Summit. However, we still want to
> create the LA AppSec 2009 in this country.
> I just printed the page on "How to Host a Conference" and will begin
> to create to-do lists and all the material to share amongst the OWASP
> Brazil Chapter members in order to get their volunteer efforts and
> begin to make it happen.
> In advance, do you have any suggestions or people from OWASP Community
> which possible may be interested to help?
> Best regards,
> Eduardo Neves
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