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Marcos Aurelio Rodrigues deigratia33 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 08:04:49 EDT 2008

ForceField is Check Point's implementation of the browser virtualization
concept, in which all of the operating system elements that interface with
the browser -- including the registry -- are duplicated during a Web
session. If malware or some other infection is introduced, they interact
only with the duplicate, leaving the core operating system unharmed.

"It's sort of like a stunt double that you see in the movies," says Laura
Yecies, vice president and general manager of Check Point's ZoneAlarm
consumer division. "The duplicate takes all the risks, and your most
valuable assets stay safe."

While users are in the "sandbox," ForceField also protects them with a range
of security tools, including anti-phishing tools, spyware site blocking,
site ratings, download scanning, keylogger jamming, temporary file
encryption, and a "private browser" mode that prevents others from viewing a
user's online activities.



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