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E ai, alguem vai representar o owasp-br?


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Subject: [WEB SECURITY] LifeCycleSecurity Conference 2008 - Call for
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To: WASC community

After being in the Application Security profession for the last seven
years and attending many conferences a few of us decided we wanted to
start a conference that focused on web application security and users
that were being exploited by malicious web sites.  There are a lot of
very good conferences in the industry and we will continue to support
these like we always have, however we wanted to create a conference
that focuses on how people are solving application security issues in
there everyday lives.

We wanted the conference to bring together professionals that had been
solving application security issues in the "real world" and provide
them a venue where they could share their experiences with others.  We
also felt that this conference needed to be as convenient as possible
for people in the security profession.  To this end, we are putting
together a new security conference that will be held this summer after
Blackhat in Las Vegas and is called the Life Cycle Security
Conference.  We already have the venue booked (Caesars Palace, 8 & 9
August 2008) and a number of exciting speakers signed up but we do
have a few speaking slots open.

If you would like to present a topic that you think would be of
interest to the application security community we invite you to submit
your topic to contactus at LifeCycleSecurity.com.

If you would like more details on the conference please visit us at
http://www.lifecyclesecurity.com.  The site is still under
construction but the logistics details are up to date and we will be
updating the content and speaker information shortly.  Once it's
complete I will send another broadcast to the list letting everyone
know the site is up to date.

Also, as a "thank you" to the WASC community if you signup us using
the Promotion Code of "WASC" you can attend the conference at a $100
discount.  The cost to WASC attendees will be $250 which basically
covers our costs for the conference.

If you would like more information please visit us at

Thanks & Have a great day,

Dennis Hurst
Dennis.Hurst at LifeCycleSecurity.com

Dennis Hurst
Dennis.Hurst at LifeCycleSecurity.com

Register to attend the first LifeCycleSecurity Conference in LastVegas
8 & 9 August
at http://www.lifecyclesecurity.com <http://www.lifecyclesecurity.com/>

Rodrigo Montoro (Sp0oKeR)
Security Analyst

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