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And when hehad them in this humor, the Reverend Mr.
To Oscar then, and to an audience increasing ten a second:Ive got you!
Who these scoundrels were, the papers did not say.
They looked as though they decidedly felt that they ought to know.
Also, he wasnt so sure that he could win her.
He sat by her incozy-corners, and his arm was tense. Elmer condescended, Of course, I understand perfectly, SisterLulu!
And now they wont have the nerve to imitate me ifI do do this personal crusading stunt. Oh, my, Reverend, if you hadnt been a preacher youd have beensome dancing-man! Im mighty proud ofthe way were building up Wellspring Church again.
Edwards, of PilgrimCongregational, and I know youll join me in asking him to saygrace before meat.
Golly, let me crawl too, chuckled Rabbi Amos.
I wish Icould come when Floyds there, but all my evenings are sodreadfully taken up.
Run ourdisclosures every Sunday evening for a month! Tillish,the healer, who sat back and looked chilly. Now, wherever you go, this jazz, like aSt.
Their table did not suggest debauchery and the demonrum. They were not rich, but they had Fords andphonographs and gin. While he shook hands with Lulu, much more tenderly, Elmer gave hisbenign blessing with Well, well!
Think of what would happen if Brother Apfelmus knew his dear Pastorwas slipping in a little dance!
Jazz iss to music what this Reverend Gantry you readabout is to an old-time Prediger. It really is good stuff, this vice-crusading. There were only chilly and naked-looking goblets of icewater.
And what was the one thing in whichthey were all joyously interested?
No, by gosh, she never would let me say a word against you,Reverend!
He had promised the mob at least one real house of prostitution. Each Congregationalchurch made its own law. After these meditations he would flee to the hospitality of T.
Elmer had to beprotected against hundreds of callers, telephoners, letter writers. 
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