[Owasp-boston] Jobs? Also, help needed for October 11-13th Training Event!

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Sun Jul 16 17:20:53 UTC 2017

Hi Folks,


It's come to our attention that folks appear to be having a difficult time
both finding jobs as well as paradoxically, filling positions.  To that

Do you have a job that needs filling?
Are you looking for work?

If you want OWASP to help, please email boston at owasp.org with the following
and we will post to our meetup group and announce at our next meeting:

Job Title:
Preferred Certifications:
% Travel:
Remote possible (Y/N)?:
Job Description:

The Meetup Group link will be at

============VENUE & SPONSORS NEEED======================

OWASP Boston is looking for a venue to host our next 3 day training class
8AM to 6PM ET October 11-13th.  Help us get training out to the community!
Venue sponsors receive some free seats set aside for their company.

OWASP Boston is putting on the 3 Day Developer Edition of Practical Web
Application Pentest Training (PWAPT) w/ Tim Tomes.

Cost: $1650 (non-OWASP) or $1600 (OWASP)
When: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 8:00 AM to Friday, October 13, 2017, 5:30
Location: - ***Looking for a host venue!***
Instructor: Tim “Lanmaster53” Tomes, who has taught at SANS, BlackHat &

The Developer Edition contains the same content as the original PWAPT
course (Standard Edition), but adds a full day of code remediation lecture
and exercises. The code remediation content includes discussions on the
proper techniques for mitigating vulnerabilities, and exercises where the
instructor and students will modify the application's source code to
implement mitigating controls and test them for effectiveness.

This course provides customized training on the latest open source tools
and manual techniques for performing end-to-end web application penetration
testing engagements. After a quick overview of the penetration testing
methodology, the instructor will lead students through the process of
testing and exploiting a target web application using the techniques and
approaches developed from a career of real world application penetration
testing experiences. Students will be introduced to the best open source
tools currently available for the specific steps of the methodology,
including Burp Suite Pro, and taught how to integrate these tools with
manual testing techniques to maximize effectiveness. A major goal of this
course is teaching students the glue that brings the tools and techniques
together to successfully perform a web application penetration test from
beginning to end, an oversight in most web application penetration testing

The majority of the course will be spent performing an instructor led,
hands-on web application penetration test against a target application
built specifically for this class using a modern technology stack (Python
Flask) and including real vulnerabilities as encountered in the wild. No
old-school vanilla PHP stuff here folks. Students won’t be given overly
simplistic steps to execute independently. Rather, at each stage of the
test, the instructor will present the goals that each testing task is to
accomplish and perform the penetration test in front of the class while
students do it on their own machine. Primary emphasis of these instructor
led exercises will be placed on how to integrate the tools with manual
testing procedures to improve the overall work flow. This experience will
help students gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to perform web
application penetration tests as an application security professional.

More information is at:


Is this something you would be interested in hosting or sponsoring?  If so,
please send us a note at boston at owasp.org
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