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Wed Apr 5 17:22:41 UTC 2017

Hi Folks,

We have Veterans and Active Military members who have signed up for the
free seats generously set aside by the trainer.  We need your help in
ensuring this class runs!    Please spread the word and sign up for this
great training event!

OWASP Boston is hosting Web App Security training with Venue Sponsor Dun &
Bradstreet in Waltham.  Some training topics covered:

Injection Attacks
Automated Scanners
Testing Web Services
Monitoring Implementation
Monitoring, Analysis & Tuning
Log review
Tuning and signature development
Preparing for an incident
Finding signs of compromise
Student Scavenger Hunt Challenge

This three-day course is designed to improve a person’s skills with
manually testing web applications and monitoring the resulting logs. This
course is focused on providing both testing and detection skills for
attendees. The training is structured as a hands-on proficiency course,
such that IT professionals of all skill levels should benefit. The course
leverages the Samurai WTF environment as a test lab, and primarily focuses
on the skillful use of interception proxies (Burp or ZAP) to efficiently
perform tests. It also helps build detection and monitoring techniques to
discover attacks against your web applications and infrastructure. The
course culminates with a live-fire capture the flag that focuses on both
testing the target application as well as reviewing real-world application
logs for attacks.






Thanks in advance,
Mike Perez
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