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Fri Apr 29 17:46:04 UTC 2016

Rob wants to extend his offer to OWASP Boston.  -----

Hey everyone,

I apologize for how late this is going out - the end of 2015 was pretty
intense, and I’ve had an absolute crazy 2016. But everything’s coming
together, and this will hopefully reach those who can benefit from it.

In just a few weeks (May 18th-19th), we’re running the SOURCE Conference in
Boston again. It’s absolutely going to be one of the best shows we’ve ever
done. If you are event remotely interested in InfoSec, you must attend this
event. Find a way to clear off your schedule, and find a way to get there.
I promise you will thank me later. The opening keynote alone is worth the
price of admission. btw, last chance for early bird tickets - ticket prices
are $349 today, and go up to $495 on May 1st. www.sourceconference.com

*Also, and more important, on May 16th I’m hosting an InfoSec Train the
Trainer class at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown. *

If you attended my BASC session and got something valuable out of it, you
owe it to yourself to attend this class.

*The things I’m teaching at the InfoSec Train the Trainer will:*

*- Help you to be a better communicator*

*- Help you in your career*

*- Help you better enroll people in your projects to get the things you
need to make them happen*

*- Maybe even get you a higher paying job at some point (public speaking is
one of the highest paying jobs out there).*

This will be an impactful, highly interactive one-day session. This stuff
is no joke, and I teach the things I know for sure work. If you attended
one of my breakout sessions, you know I can deliver on what I’m offering
here. If you miss this session, you will either have to wait another year
or get on a plane to attend one someplace else.

As I probably mentioned during the OWASP session, I’ve spent tens of
thousands of dollars of my own money learning how to do what I do. And
after over a decade of actually doing it, I’ve distilled it down into the
kinds of sessions you saw me teach at BASC. Sharing this is something I do
because I love it.

*Ok, down to brass tacks. Let’s talk about price.*

*- A SOURCE Boston ticket is $495 in advance, and $595 at the door. You
have one day left to get the early bird deal of $349. Seriously, just do
it, or you’ll kick yourself when you find out what you missed.*

- Training ticket prices are also $495, *and here’s a little secret - they
include a SOURCE Boston ticket! I*’ve set the prices super-low to kick this
off - tickets will probably never be this cheap again.

If you attend one of my trainings, use the discount code OWASP2016_TTT to
receive an additional $100 off the ticket.

*So for $395, you get to attend the Infosec Train the Trainer event, AND
you get to attend the conference itself. That is literally the best deal in
InfoSec right now, and if you have the ability to do it, you owe it to
yourself to make it happen. *

This is not hyperbole. This is not a hard sell. This is just me offering
you as much value as I know how, and I hope you will join me the week of
May 16th.

Oh, one extra thing - I still have a limited number of free BSides Boston
tickets to give out when you register now. BSides Boston is happening on
Saturday, May 21st, and we’re proud to be helping to support their event.

Thanks, and hope to see you all there. If you can’t make it, please feel
free to forward to someone who can. Next year, I promise you’ll get more
notice, but I can’t promise it will be this cheap. =)

Hope to see you all soon.




Rob Cheyne

CEO, Big Brain Security

Executive Director, SOURCE Conference

M: 617-905-3922

rob at bigbrainsecurity.com
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