[Owasp-boston] March meeting - 3 training sessions - Akamai 6:30

Jim Weiler jim.weiler at owasp.org
Sun Mar 2 16:50:12 UTC 2014


   One will be on SQL Injection - intro, detection, prevention, scanning
   and false positives. This is the most serious web application vulnerability.

   The second will be on OWASP WebGoat. WebGoat is a deliberately insecure
   web application maintained by OWASP <http://www.owasp.org/> designed to
   teach web application security lessons. You can install and practice with
   WebGoat in either J2EE or in ASP.NET. In each lesson, users must
   demonstrate their understanding of a security issue by exploiting a real
   vulnerability in the WebGoat applications. There are hints and 39 different
   lesson plans on various vulnerabilities and technologies. We won't cover
   all of them of course!

   The third will be on Cross Site Request Forgery - not a hack really,
   it's just the way the web works. But it causes apps to do legitimate things
   that you didn't ask them to do.
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