[Owasp-boston] unique Akamai job

Jim Weiler jim.weiler at owasp.org
Fri Jun 27 13:56:11 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,
While OWASP doesn't allow the use of mailing lists for job offers, I think
an exception is warranted because Akamai has been a generous and flexible
host for our chapter meetings for over a year, and this is a unique job
offer. So please look at the description, and reply or forward it to who
ever you think may be interested.

   Akamai Labs is a pure R&D division whose charter is to create the next
generation of enterprise products that will help the secure and scale
Internet delivery far beyond today’s standards. One established Labs team
is responsible for idea generation and execution into viable proof of
concepts and we are hiring a brand new team who will be responsible for
taking those POCs and build an enterprise product from scratch. We are
seeking a Principal Systems Software Engineer who brings advanced security
insight to the role, preferably demonstrated in industry standard groups
like IETF, W3C or any Open Source project that focused on Security:


Jim Weiler
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