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Personally, one of the biggest challenges in this industry it's training front line developers in security awareness. Then, making that knowledge embedded as part of their daily development mantra. I would love a conversation on thoughts, ideas, and/or successful use cases to make this possible.

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Some ideas:

Web security testing in a DevOps organization
Building web app security expertise in engineering teams
Conducting lightweight threat modeling
Vulnerability Management - Process & Tools
Developing your own web app security development standard
Security test automation with OWASP ZAP and Zest scripting language
Securing REST APIs
Authentication & Enterprise Web Applications (incl. Federation, 2 Factor Auth, SSO)
Open Source Identity Management
Open Source Static Analysis

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Hi Folks,
The OWASP Boston Application Security Conference 2014 will be at the Microsoft office at 1 Cambridge Place (Not NERD as before) on Oct. 18.
What topics would you like to hear about? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Below are some ones I came up with.
Mobile app security, forensics
Javascript servers, apps, frameworks
Security for NFC, Bluetooth LE apps
Google Glass app security
web app security trends

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