[Owasp-boston] FYI - Boston Security Meetup - Thursday Nov. 7

Jim Weiler jim.weiler at owasp.org
Thu Nov 7 15:18:26 UTC 2013

Just FYI on another Boston free security event about application security


   *Beating XSS with CSP*

   Cross-site scripting is a vulnerability that has plagued web
   applications since their existence. A technology known as
   content-security-policy (CSP), when implemented correctly, can mitigate
   cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and also force better development
   practices. This talk discusses what CSP is, how it works, and some
   challenges in the adoption of this technology

      * Advancements in Windows Registry Forensics*

      The Registry is a complex database containing valuable information
      related to hardware, software, and users on Microsoft Windows
systems. For
      far too long the digital forensics and incident response
community has been
      merely scratching the Registry's surface by using outdated tools and
      methodologies. In this presentation, Mark Spencer, president of Arsenal
      Recon, will discuss the current state of Windows Registry
forensics and the
      development of Arsenal's Registry Recon.
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