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Vinnie thought his initial topic description was boring, so he sent this
one later - See you tonight.


During World War II the CIA created a special information intelligence
unit to collect and exploit information from openly available sources.
One classic example of the team's success was the ability to determine
whether bridges leading into Paris had been successfully bombed based on
increasing orange prices.  Since then the methods through which open
source intelligence (OSINT) can be obtained has surged in number and
diversity.  The internet has proven to be one of these information
wellsprings.  The sheer volume and detail of the information available
is a treasure to anyone who can properly filter the noise for the
signal.  For a time, search engines were the tool of choice for
filtering this information, but current search engine hacking techniques
fail miserably when anything useful needs to be accomplished. 


This presentation begins with a quick history of internet-based OSINT
and a survey of the most effective OSINT sources available today (e.g.
Google, Shodan).  After discussing the limitations of current methods
(e.g. Google Hacking), you might want to put a helmet on - so you don't
make a mess when we blow your mind.  Because the focus of this
presentation will be on hitherto unreleased search engine hacking
techniques that are insanely effective against both Google and Bing.
Full of real-world demonstrations, this lively talk will encourage
audience participation and open dialogue.  We'll also be sharing two new
tools, GoogleDiggity and BingDiggity, which take advantage these search
engine weaknesses.


Time-permitting, we will also discuss how to prevent, detect, and
respond to these attacks.


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