[Owasp-boston] starting Webscarab on RH

Laverty, Patrick Patrick_Laverty at brown.edu
Mon Jan 4 15:41:18 EST 2010

Ok, you guys were a great help last time with my "lite" problem.  So now
I'm trying to install and run on my Red Hat machine.  I downloaded the
same zip, unzipped it and run the startup command, the wasp artwork
comes up but then I get an error: 

"main(Framework.extractVersionFromManifest): PKG is null".  


So in doing a little search, I see the code where that comes from is


    private void extractVersionFromManifest() {

        Package pkg = Package.getPackage("org.owasp.webscarab");

        if (pkg != null) _version = pkg.getImplementationVersion();

        else _logger.severe("PKG is null");

        if (_version == null) _version = "unknown (local build?)";



All the files in the directory have 775 permission on them and I do have
the latest JRE running.


Works great on my XP machine, but get these errors on RH.  Any ideas?  I
apologize if this is really a "duh" thing.






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