[Owasp-boston] Larry Suto with an updated Application Security Scanner Report

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Re #3, it’s not quite that simple. You have to factor in the salary of a skilled penetration tester versus a tool operator.  That’s a pretty significant cost differential.

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1. Fully agree that these scanners can not find all the issues on their own test websites. When questioned, one vendor spun it thus: "This means we are not rigging the test"

2. I did not see the point of the debate in 2007 because 90% of users have no clue what to do with these scanners and just point and shoot them. Most training they get is 1 hour with the SE so I am perfectly willing to accept that as the methodology.

3. While purists may not like this, I would have liked to see a price/performance comparison included. Yes, Burp Suite does not support JavaScript and has other problems; but for $200, I contend that for a small company and a skilled user it offers great value


On 2/4/2010 8:52 AM, Laverty, Patrick wrote:
Has anyone had a chance to read it yet?  Or have opinions on it?  I know last time he released his report (2007), it was widely criticized.

If you haven’t seen it, it is here:

if you’re worried about a link to a pdf in an email like this, you can see it on this page:

As I am currently in the market for a scanning tool, I’m looking for any and all information from all sources on this sort of thing.




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