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> New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
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> In this newsletter:
> 1. March meeting topic
> 2. April meeting topic
> 3. NEISG online resources
> 4. TechTips listserv - Post your security questions/answers here
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> NOTE: In the event of snow, please check our Web site for any schedule
> changes or cancellations.
> The regular, monthly meeting will be on Thursday, March 16 at 6:30 PM.  As
> usual, it will be held at the Microsoft office in Waltham, MA. [Directions
> on our website at http://www.neisg.org <http://www.neisg.org> ]. The
> meeting will start with a general introduction to the user group, followed
> by an open Q&A period and then the keynote presentations.
> A> "HELIX"
> Melissa Royer of Defender Data Recovery and Forensic Services will
> demonstrate HELIX, a powerful arsenal of tools to aid any IT professional
> that must protect, acquire, or investigate digital data.  Helix's unique
> duplicity includes a live Windows response tools-set as well as a bootable
> side to access drives in a read-only manner. Helix is provided by E-Fense
> as a freely downloadable ISO file.
> B> "Disk-Based Backups for Increased Information Security"
> Stories of major data loss and theft make the evening news almost daily.
> Major corporations are unable to securely manage their customers' valuable
> private information with existing, antiquated data protection schemes like
> tape-based backup. The 50-year-old model of putting tapes on trucks and
> sending them to offsite, third-party, tape storage facilities needs to be
> replaced. Fortunately, the rapidly falling cost of disk storage technology
> can be applied to the issues surrounding these antiquated tape-based data
> protection systems.
> Disk-based backups allow corporations to not only increase the performance
> and reliability of backup and disaster recovery processes, but also
> dramatically increase the integrity and security of their customers'
> information as well.
> This presentation, provided by David Therrien, CTO and founder of ExaGrid
> Systems (http://www.exagrid.com <http://www.exagrid.com> ), will focus on
> disk-based data protection and, in particular, on some of the advanced
> technologies like byte-level delta compression that are being applied to
> disk-backup to increase the performance, reliability, integrity and
> security of information. 
> >> If you have not yet done so, please send a courtesy e-mail to
> BDinerman at neisg.org indicating that you plan to attend the meeting so that
> we can order the correct quantity of pizza.
> This month's meeting will be co-sponsored by ConSentry Networks
> (http://www.consentry.com <http://www.consentry.com> ) and ExaGrid Systems
> (http://www.exagrid.com <http://www.exagrid.com> ).  Each company may have
> tables setup at the meeting, some come check out what they have to
> offer...
> Thursday, April 20, 6:30 PM.  "The Legal Implications of E-Mail,"
> presented by Mirapoint (http://www.mirapoint.com
> <http://www.mirapoint.com> ).  To avoid criminal and civil penalties, bad
> publicity, and lost business, it is in the best interest of your
> organization to understand email regulations. It is also important to
> assess the risk exposure of your messaging infrastructure, and to develop
> policies and plans to address regulatory compliance.  A legal
> representative who specializes in email compliance will assess the risks
> to which your organization is exposed and survey the most important
> regulations regarding email.
> NEISG maintains an increasingly-popular Internet bandwidth test utility as
> one additional tool on our growing Resources page. This tool is hosted on
> our own server and provides accurate readings of upload and download
> speeds. Just click the Start button on the page to initiate the test.
> Bookmark this page and tell your friends about.
> http://www.neisg.org/Resources <http://www.neisg.org/Resources> .
> 4. "TechTips" LISTSERV 
> NEISG maintains a listserv for subscribers to post their security-related
> questions and answers as well as occasional job announcements or special
> interest announcements. This is a convenient forum for members to get
> quick answers for their day-to-day or out-of-the-blue questions. If not
> already subscribed, you can do so at http://www.neisg.org/Membership
> <http://www.neisg.org/Membership> .
> Yours,
> Brad Dinerman
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> Bradley J. Dinerman, President
> New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
> Microsoft MVP (Windows Server Systems - Networking)
> Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator
> http://www.neisg.org <http://www.neisg.org> 
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