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To all group leaders,

If there's any way you can announce this meeting to your groups, we'd
certainly appreciate it.

Thank you,


The June meeting of the New England Information Security Group (NEISG) will
be held at the Microsoft Tech-Ed conference in downtown Boston. In addition
to being off-site, it will also be slightly off-date. The meeting will occur
on Monday, June 12, at 7:00 PM. This corresponds to the evening of the first
full day of the TechEd conference.  Details on Tech-Ed in general are at
http://www.microsoft.com/events/teched2006.  Directions to the Boston
Convention and Exposition Center are at
http://www.mccahome.com/bcec_dir.html.  The meeting will be held in Room
#51.  All attendees must first check-in at the Ancillary Events Desk to pick
up their admission badge!!!

Here is what we have in store: 

1.  "Computer Intrusion and Internet Fraud:" Special agents from the
Infragard Program of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
will discuss their technical investigations of computer intrusions and
Internet fraud.  Details of Infragard Boston are at
<http://www.infragard-boston.org> http://www.infragard-boston.org.

2.  "Proactively Hardening Your Windows Network," presented by Gary
Miliefsky of NetClarity.  In this session, Miliefsky will discuss the key
network security issues and compliance risks in Microsoft Windows Networks.
You will learn about common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), which are
the root cause of downtime and out of compliance. In addition, IT compliance
pressures in government and industry have created the need for a paper trail
of due care and due diligence. You'll learn how to tie network security and
IT compliance together in the easiest possible way, with a few clicks of the
mouse to harden your Windows network.

>> If you have not yet done so, please send a courtesy e-mail to
TechEd at neisg.org indicating that you plan to attend the meeting.

This meeting is sponsored by Culminis Alliance ( <http://www.culminis.com>
http://www.culminis.com) and NetClarity ( <http://www.netclarity.com>
http://www.netclarity.com).  Special thanks to both of these organizations
for making this meeting happen.

For the evening of our meeting, all NEISG members attending the meeting will
also receive a free pass to the Tech-Ed exposition (a $50 value), which will
include booths from 200 vendors, appetizers and drinks.  Anyone wishing to
attend the expo in addition to our meeting should first send a request to
TechEd at neisg.org, and we will then send you instructions on where to pick up
your pass.

Check out the gaming chairs at
http://www.neisg.org/images/gamingchair.jpg.  Thanks to Culminis Alliance,
we have 25 of these to give FREE to NEISG members.  The catch: you can only
pick them up at Tech-Ed on Friday afternoon.  If you want to reserve one for
yourself, please send an email to TechEd at neisg.org indicating your interest
and we will confirm with details of pickup time and location.  Please do not
ask for one if you cannot seriously pick it up.

Although not strictly part of the NEISG meeting, I will be moderating a
session at Tech-Ed on Thursday, June 15 at 10:15 AM. The topic will be
"End-Users: The Weakest Link in the Security Chain - What Can We Do To Make
Them Secure?"   Description: "As system and network managers, we try our
best to enforce security, write acceptable use policies and lock down the
network to protect ourselves against all levels of threats. Yet end-users
are notoriously the weakest link, using simple passwords posted on sticky
notes, not locking workstations, downloading malicious files and much, much
more. In this open forum, we will discuss the most common issues that we
face when dealing with end-users and also describe some of the methods that
we've used or want to use to bring them into compliance to keep our systems
secure."  For details on the Birds-of-a Feather sessions, see

Brad Dinerman 

Bradley J. Dinerman, President
New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server Systems - Networking)
Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator
 <http://www.neisg.org> http://www.neisg.org 

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