[Owasp-boston] OWASP Boston - Jan 4 Mtg

Weiler, Jim Jim.Weiler at Staples.com
Mon Jan 2 22:10:16 EST 2006

RSA will be presenting on encryption by applications.

Presenter:  David Low, Senior Field Engineer, RSA Security
Topic name:  Practical Encryption 
Topic description:  A technical briefing covering practical use cases.  Key
management, algorithm choices, and performance implications will also be
discussed.  A generic solution for policy-based encryption solution will
also be covered. 

Policy based encryption means you specify your policies and their
algorithms, key management, parameter values etc. in a policy file so you
don't have to supply lots of stuff in the encryption call, and if you change
your policy you don't have to change the code. I've also asked RSA to talk
about how they solve the general problems of crypto and key management on
Windows CE based platforms.

After this meeting and the Nov. meeting, I'll give crypto topics a rest for
a while.

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