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I'm forwarding these monthly announcements to our group.
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New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
In this newsletter:
1. February meeting topic, including book swap
2. NEISG online resources
3. TechTips listserv - Post your security questions/answers here
NOTE: In the event of snow, please check our Web site for any schedule
changes or cancellations.

	The regular, monthly meeting will be on Thursday, February 16 at
6:30 PM. As usual, it will be held at the Microsoft office in Waltham, MA.
[Directions on our website at  <http://www.neisg.org> http://www.neisg.org].
The meeting will start with a general introduction to the user group,
followed by an open Q&A period and then the keynote presentations.

	A> "Steganography: What Is It And Why Should I Care?" 
The word steganography is derived from the Greek words steganos, which means
cover, and graphy, which means writing. Thus, steganography literally means
"covered writing." Covered writing has been used throughout history for
secret communications. Criminals, including terrorists, have always sought
ways to conceal their activity in real or physical space. The same is true
in virtual, or cyber, space. 

	Digital steganography represents a particularly significant threat
today because of the large number of applications on the Internet that can
be used to hide any digital file inside of another digital file. Use of
these applications, which are both easy to obtain and simple to use, allows
criminals to conceal their activities in cyberspace. Thus, steganography
presents a significant challenge to law enforcement as well as the
commercial community because detecting hidden information and then
extracting that information is very difficult.

	Glenn Watt, CEO of Backbone Security (
<http://www.backbonesecurity.com> http://www.backbonesecurity.com) will
provide a presentation and live demonstrations on steganography that will
explain what it is, how it works, and how it might affect you.

	B> Book Swap - Have some old books that you aren't using any more?
Looking to pick up a few new titles for yourself?  Join us for our first
book swap.  Bring up to five titles that you want to swap.  Include your
name on a piece of paper tucked into each book so that we can identify it as
yours.  Then surf the tables for titles that interest you.  The only rules:
1)  Books should be security-related, or computer-related in general, 2)
Books should not be so ancient that no one will want them (such as How to
Configure Networking in WFWG 3.11) and 3) You must take home any books that
you brought and that were not taken by someone else.

	>> If you have not yet done so, please send a courtesy e-mail to
BDinerman at neisg.org indicating that you plan to attend the meeting so that
we can order the correct quantity of pizza. This month's pizza will be
sponsored by Backbone Security ( <http://www.backbonesecurity.com>


	NEISG maintains an increasingly-popular Internet bandwidth test
utility as one additional tool on our growing Resources page. This tool is
hosted on our own server and provides accurate readings of upload and
download speeds. Just click the Start button on the page to initiate the
test. Bookmark this page and tell your friends about.
<http://www.neisg.org/Resources> http://www.neisg.org/Resources.

3. "TechTips" LISTSERV 

	NEISG maintains a listserv for subscribers to post their
security-related questions and answers as well as occasional job
announcements or special interest announcements. This is a convenient forum
for members to get quick answers for their day-to-day or out-of-the-blue
questions. If not already subscribed, you can do so at
<http://www.neisg.org/Membership> http://www.neisg.org/Membership.

Brad Dinerman
Bradley J. Dinerman, President
New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server Systems - Networking)
Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator
 <http://www.neisg.org> http://www.neisg.org 

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