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New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
In this newsletter:
1. Upcoming meetings
2. NEISG interview on TechNet Radio
3. Special summertime offer from NetClarity for NEISG members
4. NEISG online resources
5. TechTips listserv - Post your security questions/answers here

	As you probably know, NEISG is on summer vacation through the end of
August. However, here is the September through November lineup:

	September 21: Trusted Computing (presented by Wave Systems)
Trusted computing promised the industry a secure future for enterprises and
users. Gone would be the panic attacks over lost laptops containing customer
data, credit card information or sensitive files. Users would be liberated
from remembering multiple complex passwords that must be changed regularly.
Files would be safely stored without the threat of unauthorized user access
or hacking theft. Trusted network access control would authenticate
machines, users and even a PC's health in milliseconds, before even allowing
a PC onto secure networks. 

	The promises still sound futuristic, but the reality is here today,
with nearly every major PC manufacturer shipping computers with the Trusted
Platform Module (TPM) chip in mass volume. The TPM enhances the security of
critical capabilities such as login, email, web access and data protection.
The chip is placed in a PC and protects secrets by hardware that would
otherwise be more vulnerable and only be protected by software.

	Key topics will include:
> A practical roadmap to incremental deployment of TPM computers in the
> Benefits of turning on trusted computing: Leveraging TPM hardware for
advanced data protection, network protection, identity protection and more

	> Impact upon traditional/existing security strategies: What's
enhanced, and what's displaced?
> Managing trusted computers: >From key management and recovery, to
extending the trusted architecture to servers, storage and more.

	October 19: The World of Cyber Terrorism (presented by Mazu
Networks) - details on our Web site ( <http://www.neisg.org>
November 16: Cyber Surveillance and Monitoring - Brad Dinerman will moderate
this session to include both discussion and demonstration of corporate
and/or personal monitoring of computer systems. Is it ethical? What should
you put into place before monitoring users' email, chat sessions and more?
What applications provide this functionality, and what can we do to locate
and stop unauthorized installations? (Also: We need demonstrations. If
interested, let me know.)


	If you need a cure for insomnia, here's an interview I gave about
our group to Microsoft TechNet Radio:

3. SPECIAL OFFER (EXTENDED) - The NetClarity Summer Starter Kit 

	NetClarity Auditor Enterprise is a secure, turnkey, plug-and -play
security appliance. Find and fix the holes in your network, detect and
quarantine untrusted or unknown assets and improve regulatory compliance.
Audit your network before a hacker does! As a special offer to NESIG
members, NetClarity ( <http://www.netclarity.net> http://www.netclarity.net)
has extended its offer for a specially priced, starter kit bundle if ordered
before 7-31-06. 

	NetClarity now offers a starter unit with a 32 IP address license
for only $3,995 (must be ordered with a one-year support license of $795).
This is a fully functional rack mount Auditor Enterprise edition and can be
upgraded to any desired license quantity by paying only the difference in

	NEISG members will receive an additional 32 IP license at no charge.
The support license fee for the additional IP addresses is also waived for
the first year. This is a total savings of $4,200. 

	"NetClarity picks up where firewall, anti-virus, intrusion detection
and intrusion prevention leave off" - John Gallant, CEO, NetworkWorld -
June, 2006

	Key Features: 
> Vulnerability Management Automation
> Identify, Track and Log Network Assets
> Finds and Reports on Thousands of possible weaknesses (CVE(r)s) through a
non-invasive Audit
> Quarantine Dirty, Weak or Un-trusted Systems
> Cleanup and Harden Trusted Network Assets 

IT Compliance Automation 

	> Generate Regulatory Compliance Gap Analysis and Differential
Compliance Reports
> Self assessment, auditing and policy builder tools for VISA/MasterCard
PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, CFR21-FDA-11, SOX-404, EO13231, Gov. and International
(ISO17799) compliance.

	> In use at many hospitals, banks, credit unions, corporations and
data centers 

With Auditor Enterprise, you will be able to quickly and easily find all of
your common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) - the root cause of network
downtime. All hackers, worms, viruses and spyware use CVEs(r) to break into
your network, behind your firewall.

The built-in patented clientless Vulnerability Quarantine System (VQS(tm))
is a ZeroFootprint(tm) solution. The VQS(tm) works with most existing
firewalls and smart switches to block problems at ports, not people and

Call Frank Myers at (781) 276-4555 (US phone number) for more information or
to place an order; reference NEISG for your discount.


	NEISG maintains an increasingly-popular Internet bandwidth test
utility as one additional tool on our growing Resources page. This tool is
hosted on our own server and provides accurate readings of upload and
download speeds. Just click the Start button on the page to initiate the
test. Bookmark this page and tell your friends about.
<http://www.neisg.org/Resources> http://www.neisg.org/Resources.

5. "TechTips" LISTSERV 

	NEISG maintains a listserv for subscribers to post their
security-related questions and answers as well as occasional job
announcements or special interest announcements. This is a convenient forum
for members to get quick answers for their day-to-day or out-of-the-blue
questions. If not already subscribed, you can do so at
<http://www.neisg.org/Membership> http://www.neisg.org/Membership.

Brad Dinerman

Bradley J. Dinerman, President
New England Information Security Group (NEISG)
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server Systems - Networking)
Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator
 <http://www.neisg.org> http://www.neisg.org 

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