[Owasp-boston] Wed. June 1 meeting - Just cut thru the FUD, bud

Weiler, Jim Jim.Weiler at Staples.com
Tue May 31 15:01:45 EDT 2005

Few people know that in writing the song '50 ways to leave your lover', Paul
Simon actually started by writing a song called '50 ways to secure your web
app', which featured the line 'just cut thru the FUD, bud'. Paul gave up
that theme for the song after he realized there were no web apps yet but he
was still being inundated with vendor sales calls. Now, Arian Evans has
courageously (if atonally) taken up the same theme and will discuss (among
other things) the questions ' when will the tools be mature enough that I
just hit scan and get a report?', 'how can I determine which application
security tools are right for me?, 'is Kansas City barbecue better than
Memphis barbecue'.  Arian started and runs the OWASP tools project to
classify and categorize application security testing and tools. The purpose
of this project is to provide people with a free, objective, and
international resource for understanding what the different ways are to test
an application, and what tools purport to provide what automation benefits.
After attending the meeting you should walk away with a better understanding
of the strengths and weakness of various approaches to testing software, and
a clearer ability to peer through the vendor-biased claims made for the
abilities (or limitations) of automated testing tools, as well as a stomach
full of free pizza.
Fishnet Security will provide pizza.
Jim Weiler
Staples North American Application Services
Application Architect
508 2533884
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