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Mike McCamon mike.mccamon at owaspfoundation.org
Wed Mar 6 00:11:33 UTC 2019

Good news. Before noon tomorrow US Central lime, Matt will restore the
historical France Chapter mailing list for use until our mailman migration
which is planned for March 22nd.

In the meantime, please work with Dawn to get a new chapter created. Just
recently we updated our policy and now name new chapters for the cities or
metropolitan areas where they most commonly meet. Newer members were
confused with a country-wide chapter naming strategy when there might be
leaders interested in starting chapters in say Lyon, Nice, and Paris.

Have a great week.
Mike McCamon
Interim Executive Director, OWASP
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On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 11:39 AM Mike McCamon <
mike.mccamon at owaspfoundation.org> wrote:

> Mr. Gioria,
> I am the new Interim Executive Director of OWASP. The Foundation has
> standards to define "chapter activity" and Dawn is charged with
> administering those standards.
> Firstly, I must say it is unacceptable for you to make such a personal
> attack on a staff member or any other person in the OWASP community. Please
> maintain a level of professional decorum and help us focus on creating a
> thriving community. You may be frustrated, but personal attacks on a
> person's character and/or harsh sarcasm will not be tolerated.
> Next, I would prefer in the future you reach out to me for resolution on
> matters like this rather than reaching out to the entire Board. Their role
> is of close oversight and strategic direction so while we need to "get this
> right," I'm not sure you've taken the shortest path to resolution. Like
> you, they are quite busy with their day jobs in addition to the volunteer
> service they donate to OWASP.
> Some chapter leaders do not understand our rationale for requiring event
> plans and history be published on our website. It is quite simple. Each
> year the Foundation hosts over six million visitors to our website (over
> 160,000 from France alone) and it's our aim to connect those visitors with
> our network of chapters and local meetings. Without an accurate web page on
> our site, we cannot introduce your chapter to prospective members and
> therefore under-serve the French market. We are continuously auditing our
> 220 chapters and when we find a long history of no meetings, we assume the
> chapter has fallen inactive.
> We are working to make our Chapter Leader guidelines and expectations more
> clear and better communicated in the future. We are also retooling some of
> our other chapter processes as well.
> How would you suggest we update our policies to monitor chapter activity
> for our scale? I would love to learn. Maybe checking each chapter's web
> page isn't the right plan but I'm unsure what might work better given the
> scope of the task.
> It is my sincere desire that myself, staff, and the Board does everything
> in our power to enable local advocates to share the mission of OWASP in
> their community while also balancing the need to run a professionally
> managed Foundation.  Thank you for your commitment to our mission.
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> Mike McCamon
> Interim Executive Director, OWASP
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> From: sebastien gioria <seb at gioria.org>
> Date: Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 11:03 AM
> Subject: Re: France Chapter
> To: Dawn Aitken <dawn.aitken at owasp.org>, owasp-board at lists.owasp.org <
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> Dawn
> After your splendid solution to drop off the page, you drop the list with
> our members..clap clap clap.
> You're really impressionnated to do your jobs without any really brain.
> We have a meeting in 1 month who need to be announce and no solution to
> sent to the French members without the owasp_france Twitter....clap clap
> clap.
> So, I back your drop of the web site. But can't do anything for the list.
> If this is not possible I consider you irresponsible to manage the owasp
> community. Anyway if this need to be goes to a flame war to the board you
> could consider what you want, but before doing stupid things, be careful of
> the damage that this will do to OWASP in France.
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