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Sherif Mansour sherif.mansour at owasp.org
Mon Feb 4 02:02:24 UTC 2019

Hi Richard,

Our great friend Jon McCoy was the person responsible for the DefCon
t-shirts last year and if we hope to make more for B-sides it's best to
speak to him. I was pushing Karen hard last year to get this done - and I'm
delighted with the results.
We have been thinking about more swag and folks created an OWASP swag
project off the back of that.

I have manned booths before and so did Kelly with regards to collecting
memberships - usually you ask people to enter their details on an iPad or a
laptop - which goes down great in a conference full of hackers ("yes just
put your payment details here and trust me - what can go wrong!"). But
jokes aside we might get a small point of sale to process memberships maybe?

I am looking at the max B-sides sponsorships "*BSides Stellar*"
It looks like it's geared for companies looking for requirement and while
there are some perks for OWASP - most of the times we go for the
community/lower sponsorships. My personal feeling is that while we are
committed to expanding out marketing and outreach - I would go to bsides on
one of the lower sponsorships (we don't have to go all out - hackers know
who we are). My preference is to spend more engaging in a large developer
conference (e.g. Apache-Con etc..), this is more of an open question and
nothing is concrete so it's easier to focus on the devil you know.

I think the consensus is to go for it, I'm just not sure of the tier. Whats
the deadline to make a decision on this?

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 12:37 AM OWASP LOS ANGELES <
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> Travis from the Bay Area chapter has a table at BSides. He will display
> OWASP literature. It would be good if we had a way to sign up new members
> on the spot. Is there a solution in place?
> There are very limited tables available due to the venue.
> Do we have any swag we can ship?
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