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Sherif Mansour sherif.mansour at owasp.org
Tue Jun 26 12:17:38 UTC 2018

Dear all,

I have a few agenda items I would like to add for the face to face
meetings, but before that I want to make sure we have July's board meeting
around that time as the hope is we vote on a few key issues.

For BoD meetings there are a few agend item's I would like to bring up, as
you know I campained for better corporate governance so here are a few
items I wanted to bring up:

   1. *The structure of the board:*
      1. Do we need more diverse views on the board? e.g. adding 1 or 2
      indpependent board memebers who have difference experiences in
      charities/foundations (i.e. specialise in finance/HR/Governance etc..).
      2. The concern is that we have a rotating list of board memebers who
      specialise in AppSec, but not necessarily the skills needed to set the
      strategy for a foundation.
      3. For most foundations and companies their boards are people form
      diverse backgrounds for that very reason.

2. *Adding Resilence in the managment of the foundation:*
      1. An ED for OWASP must be a full time epmployee.
      1. If the chairperson would like to step in the role of (interim) ED
         they can do so, but only if they take a full time position
within OWASP
         (which also means resigning from their current full
eomployment roles).
         2. Should we have a clause that says at any time we need a named
      iterim ED incase anything goes wrong.
      3. Establish a process for the interm period (either we find a new
      ED, or tranistion the interm ED into the permanent role.
      4. *Why?* To ensure there is good manamgnet and oversight of the
      organisation and accountablity at the leadership level (i.e. we
do not want
      the organisation to be headless again).

      3. *Setting Scheduled Cycles for the foundation strategy:*
      1. We need a process to develop, review, and adjust the strategic
      direction for the foundation on a regularl basis, that is also
in-sync with
      the BoD elections.
      2. We still (as of end of June) do not have a strategy for the
      foundation agreed for the foundation to execute, granted we have a few
      initiatives we need to address in peice meal but we have not set the over
      all picture.
      3. I have seen a proposal from Karen but this needs to be reviewed
      and agreed with the BoD ammendments. As a board we have yet to
set one, and
      I would like us to go over this during the meetings.

For the July Board meeting (which I hope is during AppSecEU), I would like
to raise two motions:

   - To vote on the events strategy as discussed during the June Board
   meeting & with the global community as well.
      - See link for community feedback:

      - To hear the foundations feedback on a global (AppSec) event in Tel
   Aviv and vote on hosting an event there in 2018.
      - I could urge the board to listen back to the recordings on what has
      been communicated to the community.
      - The recodring can be found here:

Kind regards,


Sherif Mansour
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