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Karen Staley karen.staley at owasp.org
Sun Jul 22 19:31:44 UTC 2018

Dear Sherif and BOD,
Thanks for the comments, I will rework the strategic plan more this week
and pair it up with a business plan.
Another item in need of working on is the financial split...we need to
continue to move forward on this to help the foundation cover its
overhead.  I have had several chapter conversations with those who hold the
majority of the funds.
I hope to host come community town halls to continue the discussion prior
to the August BOD meeting.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I would welcome them.


On Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 8:02 AM, Sherif Mansour <sherif.mansour at owasp.org>

> Hey team,
> Thank you for a successful AppSec EU, and for a productive board meeting
> during the conference.
> I wanted to pick up where we left off and do some work between now and the
> August, some I would like some help with.
>    1. *OWASP Chapters: *While we have done some great strides in setting
>    the global events strategy, we need to provide the foundation and staff
>    some air cover in order for them to comfortable take those events on. In
>    order to have the same open conversations we have done for global events,
>    but for the chapters. I would recommend the following:
>    1. An initial conversation internally with the foundation on the
>       existing challenges and to document them
>       2. Present the challenges to the community, discuss potential
>       solutions in two/three meetings (AMER/EMEA/APAC time zone friendly calls).
>       3. Document the community feedback and a draft motion for the board
>       to discuss openly in the August Board meeting.
>       4. By the September board meeting the community would have had
>       enough time to provide feedback + for the board to have edited the motion
>       enough to vote on it.
>       5. *Ask from the board - *I have a habit of over committing, are
>       there board members that could help me and Andrew on this to lighten the
>       load please?
>       2. *OWASP Foundation Strategy: *I have taken a look at the strategy
>    Karen proposed *(See Link)*
>    <https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1hDfbZ_VDHCp794h4Vp6fJ77-XdcRwd3J>,
>    having discussed it with Karen during AppSec EU we are both saying the
>    somethings which is good. The only point I would make is that it looks too
>    high level like  mission/vision statements. Strategic plans would identify
>    clear items on *what* to execute on while business plan includes *how *to
>    execute what has been agreed on. Given that we are in July, for 2018 we
>    know the tactical issues that need to be worked on so I would recommend we
>    focus on 2019.
>    3. *Compliance Committee: * Greg is doing an amazing job on the
>    Compliance committee charter, I'm personally looking forward to voting on
>    it. I would also like to note that I'm also seeing some cases of "vigilante
>    justice", partially do to inaction so changes would be welcome here.
> Kind regards,
> --
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