[Owasp-board] Summit

Matt Konda matt.konda at owasp.org
Tue Sep 26 15:04:51 UTC 2017

Seba and Dinis,

The board discussed the summit at our meeting last week and came to the conclusion that we could not justify the expense or staff support for the event as planned - specifically as a separate global event.

We agreed that in the future we would work to leverage AppSec event venues, contracts, etc. to get efficiencies and to work to run the summit there.  We think this best captures the goals of the community and the responsible management of resources.  That is why I have not approved the contract or paid invoices.  I will be asking Laura to update OCMS as well - I’m not sure how the event got approved there but it was not a reflection of our readiness to get behind it.  The fact that we got very different financial reports from the team and the accountants was definitely an issue.  We also wonder if holding this event annually in the same location is really the best option for our community.  In summary, we just didn’t think it was the best use of the resources at our disposal.

I understand this may be a big disappointment for you.  It is not a reflection of the quality of the event but only our ability to support it at this time.

I certainly welcome further discussion around how to do this better - or how to clear up the discussions around funding and revenue and so forth.  


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