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Tom Pappas tpappas at virtualmgmt.com
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HI Matt just seeing this now, so for 2017 we did try to budget by functional area, and I can review that with you though will be a challenge for tonight.  Also I cannot open the link you sent it says I needed to request permissions.  Take care

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Andrew and Tom,

I was looking at the budget from 2017 and thinking about big buckets for 2018 for our discussion tonight.  I put together this very dummy draft to try to spur the discussion:

I’m wondering if we shouldn’t have several ways to break down the accounts so that we can see both:

  1.  Investment by functional area
  2.  Investment by staff vs. 3rd party, etc.

I find budgeting for everything where the costs are blended together into budgets makes it hard to think about priorities.

Is there another way to slice this?


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