[Owasp-board] I will be late to this board meeting

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Wed Oct 11 20:50:57 UTC 2017

Hi there,

I'm knee deep in a bunch of work, so please excuse my tardiness in arriving
on time today.

Tom Pappas can fill you in on our financials and our audit result, which is
the cleanest possible result (which is good for us). Our AR is starting to
get under control again, and we are starting to get on top of our
operational reserves, which is also good.

There are three activities that they want us to address:

* Dual approver for checks. We don't do checks, and we do have dual
approver for nearly all transactions, particularly those over $10k. So I've
asked for this to be removed as an action item

* Credit card receipts. There were no receipts for all 25 sampled
transactions. I've asked Matt Tesauro to move forward with Expensify to
resolve this issue.

* Timesheets. We should ask the new ED to implement this once they have had
a chance to settle in. I don't doubt our staff put in a huge effort, but
this relates to part time staff more than full timers, but if we are doing
timesheets for some staff and not others, ... as I said, I would suggest
the Board asks the new ED to implement this and operationalize it as they
see fit.

Other than that, clean bill of health.

My only concern, and happy for you to discuss in my absence is the Project
Summit. They want to do it without funding from the Foundation. I will let
you folks discuss it and see where things end up. I will try to join as
soon as I am able.

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