[Owasp-board] 2018 Budget preparation

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Sat Oct 7 20:14:27 UTC 2017

Hi folks,

It's that time of the year again, where we need to nut out the budget for
next year. The goal is to have something agreeable that the new Board can
approve in the first Board meeting in January 2018.

*Board*, I know many of you are rotating off, but if there's something we
should be doing in a strategic goal for 2018, and it needs funding, please
let me know. This goes for new Board members too - if you're a candidate
and you want something to be done, we need to start budgeting for it now.
The sense from the Face to Face board meeting is to invest in programs in
2018, so let's hear how we can do that.

*Staff*, I need to have your 2018 BAU budget requests in by the end of
November, or earlier if possible. Please include

   - *Web site redesign*. Upto $150k. We have the list of firms who
   provided us quotes on this a couple of years ago, so we know what it will
   take. We need to get this done as the Board has already approved the plan,
   but no budget for it. Let's fix the budget part of it so we can get the
   redesign / redo, done.
   - *Marketing *with a view to supporting developer outreach, as I feel
   we've really not marketed at all in the last few years or our marketing
   spend has been so misspent and underutilized, it's hurt us tremendously. If
   you need to go out and find out what is required in this area, please do,
   because if we get another marketing firm who takes a retainer and does
   precisely nothing unless we do it ourselves...
   - *Asset depreciation / new assets. *We don't have a lot of laptops, but
   letting old ones age out takes a hit on productivity. Let's keep on
   upgrading 1/3rd of our laptops every year so we can manage cash flows
   instead of massive upgrade projects, with the oldest getting securely
   erased and sold off or given to charity. Please provide a budget for how
   many laptops need to be replaced

Additionally, I need for staff to conduct a stocktake of all merchandise
and other assets in late December, so we can determine how much stock we
have to hand and its value for the books.

@Tom Pappas, let's spend a bit of time this month working on a budget
Google Docs or similar that the staff and Board can use.

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