[Owasp-board] Project Summit timing

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Thu Nov 16 03:34:46 UTC 2017

Hi Board,

It's come to my attention that the Project Summit is likely to clash in
terms of dates with AppSec EU.

June 4th - 8th

June 17th-21th (9 days later)

As much as I want to support all events, particularly those that support
projects, the timing of this couldn't be worse.

We were already struggling with the location of AppSec EU next year (which
I hope will be offset by a large local attendance), but if there's an event
two weeks *before* one of our two global events, this is going to be a bit
of a financial disaster for us if the events have the same attendees.

The Project Summit, by design, is unlikely to make a profit, but even if it
did, it's a regional event thus 90% of any profit would go to the event's
organizers, which is only proper as we're providing no staff support and no
financial support.

AppSec EU is on the other hand, a global event which basically funds about
1/3rd of our annual budget.

Even if we let this go for 2018, this will be a problem in coming years if
there continues to be conflicts with scheduling. If we can't move the
project summit for 2018 (and as we didn't sign any contracts, we possibly
can't), this probably means redundancies for staff and scaling back funding
mission and operations during 2019 depending on the success of AppSec EU
and USA next year. If both are bumper events (unlikely at this stage), we
should be okay. I can't see both being okay, especially if there's another
event that's a lot cheaper / easier to get to than AppSec EU.

Basically, I need for us to discuss scheduling. I don't want to stop
events, but they need to be scheduled with sensitivity to allow OWASP to
grow. For example, AppSec Cali is 8-10 months away from AppSec USA, and
AppSec AU was ~1.5 months between AppSec EU/USA.

Properly scheduled regional events build OWASP. This scheduling snafu has
the potential to scale back OWASP, and potentially damage both events.

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