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Albert, you seem very passionate about this and I encourage you to meet
with the multiple chapter leaders and members of the chapter to voice your
concerns or join the team.  OWASP Members can leverage the items I provided
below, however...... after a quick check of membership roster, I don't see
your name Albert Gabàs or Vicente Aguilera on the roster.


This fact does open up additional questions IMHO about the chapter and the
upcoming event, chapter management etc., but I defer that to our chapter
handbook and community manager who has a full-time focus on issues like

For tracking purposes, submit your request here to open up an
actionable inquiry action: https://www.tfaforms.com/308703 this is also
accessible from www.owasp.org and contact us.

On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 10:46 AM, Albert Gabàs | Astabis IRM <
agabas at astabis.com> wrote:

> In Spain a people under investigation and charged is a people with proven
> evidence of committing a crime.
> The court action is in the legal domain.
> But the plausible breach of professional code of conduct, and ethics is in
> another domain, and the charges must be a clear evidence of the breach to
> stop the participation of this panellist in any OWASP events until their
> charges will be removed by the court.
> If there is a penal code, why you need a Ethics Code in your Association?
> Are not the same, and you are not stupid.
> But the charges are not linked to the political situation or driving
> drunk, the charges are:
> 1.- Unlawful spying the citizens from CESICAT CERT and corruption.
> 2.- And Mr. Panadero is also charged of a crime, unlawfull interception of
> telecommunications (mails, etc.) in the Catalonia Government internet
> domain.
> I have attached the act dictated by the court to open the trial against
> Mr. Panadero.
> And also Mr. Panadero was jailed by the Spanish Police in the 2000 in
> another raid against telecom fraud.
> Mr. Aguilera knows all the details, are true.
> The participation of this trash-man as panellist, is an offence to all
> ethical professionals and serious professionals that follow OWASP with
> admiration.
> Kind regards,
> Albert Gabàs
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> Perhaps his talk/story will speak to software security?
> Re the conference / event / seminar / meeting what ever you call it
> locally is compliant with the chapter guideline/handbook see:
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:Chapter_Handbook that should be
> examined
> All cited policy violations can be directed to our staff members for
> assistance / review.
> You feel that there is a whistleblower incident as defined here
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Governance/Whistleblower_Policy formally
> address it.
> Regarding your question of under investigation and charged.  In legal
> actions, guilty until proven innocent in a court of law is always my
> posistion.
> Try to work together, the world is full of hate, and people casting
> stones. OWASP’s mission is to raise visibility for software security focus
> on that aspect and encourage local face to face discussion, email is not
> helpful in fixing these type of issues
> You asked, there is my 2 cents
> - Brennan
> On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 6:58 AM Albert Gabàs | Astabis IRM <
> agabas at astabis.com> wrote:
>> Dear Mr. Brennan, Mr. Sokol, Mr. Konda,
>> https://twitter.com/OWASPSpain/status/928235840043737090
>> Do you think that a person under investigation and charged with various
>> crimes must be a panellist in the next OWASP Spain event?
>> I have warned Mr. Vicente Diaz, but he don't know your code of ethics.
>> Is a shame for your professional association to host a person that breach
>> the law and breach all professional ethical principles.
>> But why Mr. Vicente Aguilera invite a trash-man to the next OWASP event
>> in Barcelona? Because is a good client of their enterprise.
>> These stupid movement from OWASP Spain will be reflected in the Spanish
>> media the next week. I will work for a massive media coverage, taking
>> advantage of the political situation.
>> I repeat: Do you think that a person under investigation and charged
>> with various crimes must be a panellist in the next OWASP Spain event?
>> Kind regards,
>> Albert Gabàs
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