[Owasp-board] July 5th Meeting Cancelled

Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Mon Jun 26 11:58:50 UTC 2017


Due to holiday, observation/travel extending to 5 July I am sending notice
that I will not be able to attend the 5-July meeting that was scheduled by
the chairman in January 17


I also have recorded that Andrew has also provided notice and he too will
not be attending it.  Anyone else not able to make it for quorum??

If we have don't have a quorumtgat will attend 5-July I propose/motion that
we rescheduled it for the week of 24th as many OWASP'ers will be in town
for hacker summer camp (Blackhat/BsidesLV/Defcon)and we should simply
schedule a hotel conference room for 2hrs and leverage having face to face
time with many senior staff

Adding a conference room to the existing costs of staff hotel bill will not
break the bank for 2hrs and we could also combine the Aug meeting
considering the timing.

Push to Aug 9th

Enjoy summer


Appreciate your valuable time.

Tom Brennan
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