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Sun Jun 25 19:06:21 UTC 2017

Dear Andrew,

I hope that you are dong well.  Sending an update to advise that I have
updated the Mentor Initiative Budget request document with responses to
your requests for additional information. Please review the responses
provided inline at your earliest convenience and provide any additional
feedback here:

Additionally, our draft Mentor Committee Scope Document is available for
review and will be submitted to Tiffany next week so that she can prepare
to launch the OWASP Mentor Committee. Please offer your feedback via
comments on the OMC scope document here:

Please kindly reach out to me if you have any other questions. I look
forward to hearing from you. Thank you and best wishes.


On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 11:16 AM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>

> Hi Board (and Sean / Bev / Noreen)
> I've been through all of Sean / Bev and Noreen's budget submissions and
> put comments on them and spoken to Sean just now.
> In general, there are some really good ideas here, but there are some
> issues. I would love to discuss them with you all, but the Board meeting is
> being held at 2 - 4 am my time, and I have to be in Melbourne at 9 am, so
> in the likely event I cannot attend the Board meeting today, I will leave
> my comments in the documents. I've asked Sean to come to the Board meeting
> to discuss the active proposals (see below) with you.
> Basically:
>    - We need to hire an ED as a priority rather than backfill any other
>    staff member.
>    - The ED needs to review our strategic goals, operations and re-org
>    the staff as necessary before we commit to any new major funding initiatives
>    - The ED needs to be tasked with coming up with a global grants
>    strategy to support projects, chapters and outreach. All of
>    Sean/Bev/Noreen's budget request items for grants need to be evaluated or
>    modified to work with an upcoming OWASP's grant strategy so that we can
>    invest properly - whether this is in a new staff member, re-orging our
>    staff, clearing up the misconception that project leaders and volunteers
>    can't be paid, or whatever the case may be.
>    - The ED needs to tasked with coming up with a marketing strategy. I
>    don't want us to be spending on marketing until we have a marketing
>    strategy, a way to track marketing spend and reach, and understand how
>    successful our marketing has been. So please don't approve funds for
>    marketing purposes until this is in place.
> Requests I urge the Board to discuss with Sean / Bev / Noreen and
> potentially consider funding or developing further:
> *OWASP Project Kickstart*. Please work out how to address the conflict of
> interest issues, and I think it would be a way to get more volunteers
> working on flagship and up and coming lab and incubator projects. The
> financial ask is not large, but it could be if it was applied to all
> projects. Some sort of cap needs to be in place.
> - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aNyq43_gHq8cKMDGtlqTC6H-
> pv71lH7mNsMgg1WPpy4/edit
> *Hackathon *- please roll this into a sustainable annual Project Summit,
> and it would have my vote. As it stands, it's not global enough, and
> overlaps with existing project summits, but I like the idea in principle.
> Let's work with Claudia to come up with a strategy to incorporate a hack a
> thon into every regional or global event, in a way that is sustainable, and
> I think it could be a winner even at a small scale.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/13wCZgLugpjJS-5WcH3zn-
> n9ADZRke3GhNEP7EvjNi6Q/edit
> *Membership drive*. The idea is a good one, but it needs to be global in
> scope, not just in NYC / Brooklyn. Let's work on this a bit more to work
> out how it can go global and put some stretch goals in there like breaking
> past 5000 paid global OWASP members.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uW0EqvWLdxho9p_
> X0ZDWI5h_i0rLWlRLmj7suThIigU/edit
> *Mentoring*. I think we need to come up with a well baked plan to augment
> our GSoC mentoring, and this as good a place to start as any other. If it
> done virtually and applied globally, I think this could be a huge reason to
> become a student member of OWASP, and a way to help folks globally. It does
> not need to be for a season, but I would suggest simply a way for senior
> folks to pass on their craft and help our industry is a massive opportunity
> if done right. Let's work on this proposal some more, and I'd support it.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FS50Z9KUb-
> GKUG3GEMLfGT9SBxg6UfUuRiymO6ASqnQ/edit
> *Asia Pacific Tour*. As long as the chapters involved in the existing
> regional events are onboard and driving this from China, Japan, Malaysia,
> Philippines, Singapore, OWASP Melbourne, OWASP New Zealand, this is a great
> idea as long as the LATAM model applies. The exact dollars per speaker or
> trainer needs to be tuned, but I think the LATAM model and focusing all
> regional events in a few weeks would help take a bit of a strain off staff
> as well as getting closer regional cooperation would be fantastic.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FRRtVFxXi1X6G4iGvyqZ2tsYhTrcp
> xMX3n8Ii3DUQpg/edit
> The other items, either need to wait for us to get much bigger (we don't
> need 10% of annual revenue before taxes and profit to be spent on rent!),
> an ED to be hired, and ensure that we are getting the most from our
> existing investment in SalesForce / AMS / web site redesign before we
> commit any more funds on new major initiatives.
> thanks,
> Andrew
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