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Matt Konda matt.konda at owasp.org
Wed Jun 7 22:25:47 UTC 2017


I wanted to talk about scheduling for the board meeting at AppSec USA.  It
is currently on the WIKI at 10:00 AM EST (local Orlando time) on the 19th,
which is the first day of the conference.  That doesn't seem like the most
convenient time, though it does avoid some cross scheduling issues.  In the
past, we have done Friday after the conference is over and Tuesday
evening.  I am flexible but I wanted to hear what would optimize our
chances of getting everyone together.

Here is an outline of the other activities (from Laura) - note 19th is
Tuesday in the typical 4 day AppSec format.

19th & 20th 9am to 5pm: Training Sessions, Project and Developer Summits
20th 6pm to 7pm  OWASP leaders workshop
20th 6pm to 8pm Pre-conference reception
21st and 22nd: Conference sessions, CTF, Exhibit
21st 6pm - 8pm Conference dinner

Please also take a quick look at the dates/times for the board meetings up
to 9/19 and let us know if any are problematic.

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