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Do you know where the contact is for the professional services we are
currently receiving from Virtual for the 2017 contract record for the $4000
+/- per month as outlined on line 56 here

With so many helpful offerings from this service provider that are
bulleted on their website, we really should be able to plug in the ones of
high value filling gaps for organization in 2017 immediately including

   - Attending and chairing Board and committee meetings, developing
   agendas, recording meeting minutes, and circulating drafts of minutes for
   review and approval
   - Providing comprehensive logistics support for meetings, both live and
   via teleconference and the web

   - Structuring organizations for effective governance and optimal revenue
   - Collaborating with legal counsel on bylaws, intellectual property
   rights policies, rules of procedure, anti-trust policies and other critical
   governance documents
   - Setting up and managing collaboration and decision-support systems to
   assist members of Boards, committees and working groups spread around the
   - Structuring liaison agreements with other organizations
   - Providing back-office infrastructure support
   - Setting up and managing testing and certification programs

   - Developing membership engagement, communication and retention programs
   - Supporting your Board and key committees
   - Providing self-service options for fast and easy request processing
   - Providing tools and systems to power membership management,
   e-commerce, social networking and collaboration
   - Providing turnkey meeting and conference management services
   - Running webinars, training classes, continuing education and
   credentialing programs
   - Developing and managing sponsorship programs
   - Building the overall advocacy strategy
   - Identifying partner organizations for lobbying and direct outreach
   - Understanding lobbying rules and regulations
   - Providing tools for member engagement
   - Setting up and administering PACs
   - Providing operational support

And more... details:  http://www.virtualmgmt.com

Based on yesterdays meetings it was pretty obvious that to move the many
tasks before us forward with those that are of the highest priority on the
list strategically, and tactically.  Hence please provide a URL or a copy
of the current agreement so that we can all review what we are currently
contracted for.  I will also put forth motions in February on requests for
additional services from if they can not be provided by existing staff or
the executive director hire that was supported in concept.


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