[Owasp-board] Official Call for Capstone Project Proposals for the Spring 2017 Semester

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Hi Tom, I think that it is a great idea to support students' learning
opportunities, for all students and for all learners, as long as we are not
exclusively doing that. It would be a capacity issue regarding staffing and
volunteer time, and other resource allocations. It could be integrated into
the Learning Gateway Project which could help manage the process for with
other projects with our volunteers, we have about 40 so far, project
volunteers as well as mentors and mentees, since that is part of what we
are planning to do anyway. Best wishes, Bev

On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 8:13 PM, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> NYC/NJ/Brklyn/Long Island OWASP -active chapter leaders chapters
> Thoughts, discussion on continued investment with academia on OWASP
> Projects for 2017?
> Cc to the OWASP Global Board for consideration for 2017 budgeting. Perhaps
> OWASP Foundation has to allocate academic grants as part of its outreach
> mission to raise visibility to to the next generation of security aware
> developers.
> Discussion?
> *Tom Brennan | Mobile:* 973-506-9304  *|* *Schedule vMeeting*: Click Here
> <http://www.meetme.so/tombrennan>
> Begin forwarded message:
> *From:* Osama Eljabiri <oe2 at njit.edu>
> *Date:* January 10, 2017 at 7:27:35 PM EST
> *To:* "Eljabiri, Osama" <osama.eljabiri at njit.edu>
> *Subject:* *Official Call for Capstone Project Proposals for the Spring
> 2017 Semester*
> *Reply-To:* <eljabiri at gmail.com>
> Dear Potential Capstone Sponsor,
> It gives me a great pleasure to invite you to apply to NJIT’s CCS capstone
> program of Spring 2017 and submit a project proposal. This semester we have
> a considerably larger Computer Science, Information Systems and Information
> Technology senior project capstone class plus potential access to
> students in Architecture, industrial design, communication and beyond.
> Our capstone program offers a very cost-effective solution for your
> business with a high return on your investment by using the help of driven,
> talented and well-trained CS, IS and IT senior students from NJIT and
> beyond to work on your project(s) as focused- teams of consultants with
> carefully selected leaders and mentors and a continuous process improvement
> strategy on biweekly basis managed by course instructor and our executive
> team.
> Our students-centered capstone program at NJIT is an exceptional
> educational experience designed to empower students and mirror their
> passions and interests via real world project-based learning and hands-on
> training. This has resulted in outstanding accomplishments in the vast
> majority of more than 1200 industry-sponsored projects our teams have
> carried out over the past 14 years not to mention national and state-wide
> recognition and numerous awards. Our teams can tackle projects in a very
> broad array of application domains from network engineering to software
> engineering and much more. The capstone program is very selective in
> accepting projects and deciding to work with potential sponsoring
> organizations based on composite criteria and students’ votes and
> interests.
> *I have attached our capstone sponsors guidelines for Spring 2017 as a PPT
> file for your reference. This should give you a complete picture of what to
> expect and what is expected from you.*
> If you wish to participate in *Spring 2017 capstone program* as a
> sponsor, please submit your project proposal online at the following link
> no later than *Friday Jan 27th, 2017 (4PM).  However, the earlier you
> submit your proposal the better your chances to have proposal considered
> due to limited capacity. *
> *http://fs7.formsite.com/eljabiri2/CCS_Capstone_Proposal/
> <http://fs7.formsite.com/eljabiri2/CCS_Capstone_Proposal/> *
>  You can expect our decision within a week max of the deadline above.
> Early submission may receive special consideration for earlier approvals. We
> will notify you immediately once our advisory team approves your proposal.
> Even though we have now a larger capacity than any time in the past few
> years, we receive a large number of projects that usually exceed our
> capacity. This is, of course, after meeting our criteria first.
> Please note that if your project was approved, you must present the
> project to our students on-campus (at the Open House) and meet with them
> to select your team at our* Sponsors Open House* on *Saturday  Feb 4th,
> 2017 from 12-5PM at NJIT’s Campus Center Atrium. Unfortunately, sponsors
> who don’t attend this open house, would normally have their projects
> cancelled automatically. *
> You also need to fax your signed/dated capstone acknowledgment agreement
> (attached here) to Fax: (866) 605-9416 *on the same day of submitting
> your proposal*.
>  Finally, all  sponsors are expected to make the  *required minimum
> contribution* after receiving the email approval  to NJIT Foundation
> (Capstone Program account index # 200094), which is tax exempt, but no
> later than *Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017 (by 4PM).* Projects without the
> required minimum contribution are cancelled automatically and will not be
> part of the open house. The amount of this contribution is $2000 per a
> standard 4-people team $1500 per a medium size 3-people team and $1000 per
> a small 2-people team for small projects. Please be advised that sponsor
> contribution is not a fee for service but rather a shared responsibility of
>  capstone expenses among all sponsors. These expenses are 100%
> students-driven which includes students meals, cash prizes, events
> resources, prints, external training needs, supplies, etc.   If your
> project was not selected for any reason at the open house, your
> contribution will be refunded upon your request. Instructions for making
> this contribution are attached to this email.
>  *I have also attached a copy of our NJIT NDA that we require from all
> our students to sign to protect all parties involved for your reference to
> view.  While the vast majority of our capstone sponsors consider this NDA
> totally sufficient, very few may suggest an alternative NDA, which is not
> generally recommended.  If absolutely necessary, you MUST make this request
> when you submit your proposal separately with your proposed changes or
> alternative NDA. We can’t guarantee that NJIT will approve your request. If
> you don’t make such a request on time, we will assume that you accept
> NJIT’s provided NDA to protect your IP. A delayed request may cancel your
> project proposal automatically since it will overlap with the actual
> semester timeframe and delay our students. We can’t, however, allow our
> students to sign  any alternative NDA unless it is approved by our NJIT
> legal advisors.   *
> Thank you  in advance for your anticipated proposal, your partnership and
> support to our students and the capstone program. We look forward to
> hearing from you and meeting you soon!
> Kindest regards,
> *Osama Eljabiri, PhD**Senior University Lecturer and Director of Capstone
> Program*
> <http://www.njit.edu/>College of Computing Sciences
> University Heights
> <http://maps.google.com/maps?q=College+of+Computing+Science%2CUniversity+Heights%2CNewark%2CNJ+07102%2CUSA&hl=en>Newark,
> NJ 07102 USA
> Work: (973) 642-7123
> Mobile: (973) 981-1049
> Fax: (866) 605-9416
> Email: eljabiri at gmail.com
> IM: eljabiri2 (AIM)
>  http://www.linkedin.com/in/eljabiri
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