[Owasp-board] Introducing your new Women in AppSec Committee

Tiffany Long tiffany.long at owasp.org
Sat Jan 7 02:37:07 UTC 2017

Dear All,

We are proud to announce the OWASP Women in AppSec Committee! The committee is
intended to develop leadership, promote active membership and
participation, and contributions by women in application security
professional communities, globally and locally. The scope for OWASP WIA
Committee falls into the following areas:

   1. Attract women to OWASP, as active members, contributors and leaders.
   2. Offer opportunities for women to become engaged in AppSec and related
   professional communities.
   3. Provide inclusive targeted application security programs for all
   women learners.
   4. Provide inclusive training and mentorship for all interested OWASP
   5. Provide financial support to OWASP women members through
   scholarships, sponsorships, and grant making.
   6. Pursue fundraising, advancement and development to secure financial
   support for OWASP WIA activities..
   7. Integrate WIA track and related activities into OWASP events at all
   8. Cultivate women for community leadership, speakers for conferences,
   thought leadership, learning leaders, and local chapter events.
   9. Collaborate with other committees and initiatives as needs present.
   10. Collaborate with local OWASP Chapters and Global OWASP leadership,
   including but not limited to offering advisory support to local and global
   OWASP leadership for WIA advancement and collaboratively building pro-WIA
   OWASP communities.
   11. Develop other special projects and events designed to further the
   purpose of WIA.

 All official discussions will be aggregated in a publicly available
location.  You can join the committee as a participating member at any
time.  To apply be a voting member you must spend at least three months as
a participating member and be a paid or honorary member.

The following people are your WIA Committee:

Emily Verwee
Bil Corry
Bev Corwin
Colette Chamberland
Nicole Becher
Loredana Mancini
Laura Bigram
Shruthi Kamath
Carol Mangus
Owen Pendlebury

Norul Suhaliana Bt Abd Halim
Nurul Nadia
Noor zailiza bt zainal abidin
Silva Arapi
Wendy Zenone
Jonathan Carter
Katya Golubchik

Michelle Simpson
Joy Forsythe


Tiffany Long
Community Manager
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