[Owasp-board] REQUEST BUDGET: for project leaders to assist OWASP summit London

johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Thu Feb 9 21:03:34 UTC 2017

Hello Board,

At the moment, there are is a group of project leaders that need support to
assist to the OWASP summit in London:

These leaders have clearly shown their high end contributions but
unfortunately some of them, do not have enough budget in their projects to

Initially, we wanted to consolidate the budget into one major summit
instead of having a small project summit during the APPSEC EU.

Historically, the reason why we are doing it during the APPSEC is because
creating and organizing one major summit as the one happening in London,
requires a lot of effort, which now is being driven by Seba and Dinis.

I personally think that investing in one summit is the best, and allowing
project leaders to use their project budget + extra allocation to assist to
a major summit will be very beneficial for the organization and specially
to the project leaders.

If Matt Tesauro does not want to allocate this money which has already been
reserved for a small summit in appsec eu, as he mentioned because they want
to have a small project summit during the appsec, I also agree with that
but, we should allow project leaders the opportunity to decide which one
they want to assist and really think through want are we achieving during
these small summits.

Claudia mentioned that she could assist us attending the London summit and
we want to organize a major OWASP project review villa during this summit

My concrete request to the Board is to allocate a maximum of USD20K for
active project leaders to assist to the summit in London, allowing them to
decide if they prefer to assist this one instead of London, based on their
actual Project budget and use from this allocation if they do not have
enough in their budget here:

If a project has enough money to cover a 5 day ticket + Traveling cost,
then they will not need money from these 20K, otherwise if they do not have
, they could use it, in addition to other costs such as traveling tickets

Please let us know your thoughts regarding this and how can we move forward
to take a decision (which will exclude my vote given my potential conflict
of interest) in these matter, allocating 20K for active project leaders


Johanna Curiel
OWASP Volunteer
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