[Owasp-board] OWASP Summit 2018 - event submitted for approval in OCMS

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Sun Aug 27 09:35:52 UTC 2017

hi Matt,

See inline below



On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 7:20 AM Matt Konda <matt.konda at owasp.org> wrote:

> Seba,
> Consider it added to the agenda.  Due to timing I’m going to suggest we
> discuss online as well and at the meeting as needed.
> I have a few questions:
> 1.  What is the best way to see the financial results from this year’s
> summit?
I am going over the results with Tom as there is  a difference from our
budget with actuals (break-even, attached) and the event P&L in quickbooks.

> 2.  How do these results compare with other global events?  You mentioned
> it broke even, I believe that is with the “seed fund” which in theory was a
> “loan”.  So this feels like an investment for the Foundation, unlike the
> other global events.  Correct me if I am mistaken anywhere.
the event was able to refund the seed fund

> 3.  Can you talk about the overall results?  (Lots of great things that
> came out of this year’s summit?)
the results were beyond our expectations. see the website
https://owaspsummit.org/ and the list of outcomes here

> 4.  How did the virtual part of the summit work out?  ($100K is a lot to
> spend on travel.)
quite ok and we will work to improve this next year
but the "magic" of the summit is really the face-to-face communication
during the working sessions and throughout the day
the board should really come over to experience this (you can schedule your
face to face board meeting here)!

> 5.  Does it make sense for OWASP to have another summit event in the UK?
> I see positives to this for sure.  I’m just wondering if the broader
> community is comfortable with this.
yes, the venue is perfect and we now have the logistics under control
London Heathrow is easy to fly into from all over the world

we could organize other summits in other parts of the world, but we aim to
have the main summit organized in the same location in the coming years.

> Thanks,
> Matt
> On Aug 22, 2017, at 12:24 AM, Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:
> Dear board members,
> please find our request below/attached.
> as per response from Laura:
> "As you may know I can not approve funding for events, nor I can decide
> whether this is consider a Global Event. Once this is approved  by the
> board, I will be more that happy to assist you in any capacity."
> Can you take some time during the next board meeting to review and approve
> our request for funding and for the summit to be treated as a global event?
> Happy to take any questions prior to or during the meeting (if the time
> zone permits).
> Kind regards,
> Seba
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> From: Seba <seba at owasp.org>
> Date: Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 6:03 AM
> Subject: OWASP Summit 2018 - event submitted for approval in OCMS
> To: Matt Tesauro <matt.tesauro at owasp.org>, Andrew van der Stock <
> vanderaj at owasp.org>, Laura Grau <laura.grau at owasp.org>, dinis <
> dinis at owasp.org>, Francois <francois at devseccon.com>
> Matt, Andrew, Laura,
> I submitted the OWASP Summit 2018 in OCMS (pdf attached).
> Budget proposal attached as well.
> Please see the notes:
> *We request a seeding fund from the foundation of 100.000 USD.*
> *This will allow us to contract the venue and lodging (similar to 2017).*
> *For this we request the non-used 50K seed fund of 2017 and an additional
> 50K for 2018.*
> *We intend to recover the 100K seed fund with sponsors and income tickets.*
> *We additionally request to re-use the 100K seed fund to cover the travel
> of selected working-session organizers and participants from the OWASP
> community.*
> *Our aim is to at least break even overall on the event in 2018 (which we
> already did in 2017).*
> *We will sell more tickets by creating an additional OWASP User Track for
> organisations or individuals to participate and exchange experiences and
> use cases of using OWASP best practices. **Given the success and outcome
> of 2017, together with a longer preparation time, we also intend to attract
> higher sponsorship and will create ""villa-booths"" for sponsors to
> showcase their technical expertise.*
> Additionally we *request for the summit to be recognized as a global
> event* for the foundation to have increased staff support.
> We have put in the option at the venue (same as this year: it is perfect
> for the summit and close to an international air hub - London Heathrow).
> *Can you arrange for the venue contract to be signed (see other email
> forwarded by Matt).*
> Thank you,
> Seba, Dinis, Francois
> <OWASP Summit 2018 Event Submission.pdf><owasp-summit-2018-budget
> v20170818.xlsx>
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