[Owasp-board] Follow Up From 8/9/2017 Board Meeting

Josh Sokol josh.sokol at owasp.org
Fri Aug 25 20:42:39 UTC 2017

Again, I'm sorry that I could not be in attendance for this meeting.  My
mother-in-law passed away and I was handling details around that and
traveling in MN for her memorial.  I have listened to the recording and
wanted to provide follow-up with my feedback on the discussion:

   - *Vice Chair* - I will gladly accept the role of Vice Chair through the
   end of my term.  Thank you all for your vote of confidence.
   - *Proposal to Adjust Approval Process* - I support this and would like
   to record an after-the-fact vote in favor.  *Staff, could you please
   update the voting record on my behalf?*  Thank you.
   - *OWASP ED Candidate* - I really appreciate Matt trying to cover this
   topic in my absence.  Search was updated for "global" search.  To Tom's
   point, my mother-in-law passed away right as we were getting ready to go
   public with the job posting and I had to check out of the process for a
   bit.  The unfortunate side-effect was that the job posting didn't get sent
   to the community working with Tiffany as I had intended.  That said, we had
   a previous iteration with a job posting with the community that only
   brought in a few submissions.  Those who remained as qualified candidates
   were fed back into this new process.  We may have missed out on the
   opportunity to have the community help to promote it, but I still feel like
   we got an extremely qualified group of candidates to choose from out of
   this.  I apologize for this unexpected event causing some disruption in
   processing here.  Interviews with 6 candidates are scheduled for the Board
   the week of 9/4 and candidates passing that round will be moved to
   interview with select staff and community members the following week.  It's
   a tight window, but we should be able to have a final candidate selected,
   or at least a final in-person interview, scheduled for AppSecUSA.
   - *AppSecUSA* - Glad that AppSecUSA is trending in the right direction.
   Much like what was expressed by others on the call, I'm concerned about
   where it will end up in terms of profit as that will impact next year's
   budgeting.  Also, confirming that I will NOT be at AppSecUSA this year due
   to other commitments, but I WILL be attending the Board meeting.  *Please
   confirm that this is scheduled for 9/19 from 5 to 8 PM CST?*
   - *Expensify* - There was no "vote" on this one, but it sounds like
   everyone agreed that it was operational in nature and they should just do
   it.  I tend to agree, but with a new ED on the horizon, I would personally
   prefer to make that their call and would hesitate to bring anything new
   into the mix at this point.  My $0.02.
   - *Face-to-Face Motions* - I feel pretty good about what I've
   accomplished in my almost four years on the Board.  I feel like I've been
   able to push the motions that I felt we needed and really the only
   remaining major piece for me is having a proper ED in place before we go.
   This is now my #1 priority with OWASP and don't want to split time spent on
   that to focus on something else.
   - *Budget* - I agree with Andrew that we need to start thinking about
   budgets now.  I agree with what Tobias said about candidates being able to
   speak their minds about budgeting now and that's a great way for them to
   drum up support as well.  One thing that we should definitely consider is
   that our budget for the ED will need to be included (I don't think it was
   this year) and likely expanded beyond what it was before.  I noted the item
   on the Board to "fix the chapter split" and I am very much against this.
   We already amended the split to 90/10 on global events back on July 1,
   2016.  Protecting chapter funds and funding sources is one of the key
   platforms that I ran on for the Board and this is one of the reasons why I
   feel that I've been successful thus far.

OK, Hurricane Harvey is here and I gotta go.  Stay safe everyone!

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