[Owasp-board] Face to Face Board Agenda

Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Fri Sep 23 19:39:45 UTC 2016

Board Members,

For the face to face meeting coming up and after speaking with Matt
Konda it would be a good use of our time to nail down the agenda items and
then prioritize them and time box them for the meeting.



-- Recovery of 22k from AppSec Brazil event status - Andrew/Kate
-- 2016 YTD Finance Actual vs Budget - Andrew
-- 2017 Proposed Budget - Andrew

- New hires Q4

Board Officer Roles
-- General election role election governance (Chair, Vice Chair,
Historian/Secretary, Treasurer, Member at Large x3) as there is no
procedure here and is adhoc.  Today the candidates being elected to the
board as a popular vote annually and are not elected by the membership for
a defined role based just to "board member status".  Discussing and
defining of this as a governance procedure should be clear to all members
and candidates. This is time sensitive with incoming board members asking
this question and community members.  Drawing short straws is no longer a
good answer.

Regional committees - Tom/Tiffany
-- carried from AppSecEU face to face as a action item

Website Project Update
-- where we are, where we are going and what staff and volunteer roles are
in the effort.   Tom

2017 3rd Party Agreements - Matt

2017 membership rates - Andrew

2017 policy changes chapters - Michael

2017 policy changes projects - Tom

2017 governance changes - Tobias


Close session HR/Legal items

90 day +/- observations recommendations from AppSecEU) presented
individually to the board during closed session (45)
- Tiffany
- Matt
- Kate

2017 executive director candidates/org reporting structure closed session
(30 mins)

2017 legal advisory letters re: international law advisory (15 mins)

2017 hr policy updates (15 mins)


@board members - Reply all adding your topic by end of next week we will
transfer your topics to wiki agenda for Tuesday night board meeting.

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