[Owasp-board] Cancel Meeting 11/30

Matt Konda matt.konda at owasp.org
Mon Nov 28 23:16:46 UTC 2016


I don't think it makes sense to meet Wednesday as previously scheduled.

I don't see progress on the preparation of base ideas to support any
decision making or a useful public forum.  I certainly don't see a need for
an operational update again already.

So ...

*Board*:  I think the most efficient course of action would be to trade the
meeting to *have each board member spend 2-3 hours* this week heads down
working on capturing *their own ideas for strategic goals and budgets* to
be shared here:

I really want each of you to think of your own priorities and ideas and not
just react to what we've assembled so far.  I believe the best result will
be when all of us have good ideas and we work through them to get to one or
a few proposals.  Then we can debate those live 12/14.

If we get to 12/14 and new ideas are still coming up then, it will be
generally not useful. Now is the time.  This is the leadership you all
signed up for.  Let's hash out where we're going!

*Andrew and Tom Pappas:  *We need your help with the budget model.  Can we
put something in a google sheet like the one there (but with the correct
detail) that will let us see broad brush what we are prioritizing?  I would
like for board members to be able to represent their proposed allocations
so that we can see different ideas/scenarios clearly.

*Kate and Team:  *We also need your input into this.  Please don't be shy.
Whether it is about budget items or goals, we are interested in your
feedback.  Please co-ordinate with Andrew and Tom P. to make sure your
budget suggestions are included in the model.


   - Votes on budget and strategic goals will be made at that 12/14 public
   board meeting.
   - We will vote on roles for 2017 at the 12/14 meeting.

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