[Owasp-board] input for Board meeting tomorrow 30-Nov - 150K seed fund request for summit 2017

Seba seba at owasp.org
Mon Nov 28 19:58:23 UTC 2016

hi Board,

We have prepared extra information and our first draft budget (being
reviewed by Laura/Andrew) here (and beow)-

The timing does not allow me to participate in the call (midnight for CET
You can contact us for any further questions or remarks.

Hoping for an approval to push the summit forward and keep our momentum

Kind regards

Our draft budget is available here:
 We will further refine and improve this together with Laura and Andrew in
the coming days.

We already submitted the summit in OCMS. Which is being followed-up by the
OWASP staff.

Next week we will have the summit week decided (probably in June 2017) and
we are currently visiting and talking with multiple venues.

As soon as we have the final timing we will contract the venue together
with Laura, Matt and Andrew.

Let's be clear: we do not ask for 150 as a sunk cost or as a blank cheque.
We will tap into several sources of income to organize this summit:

   1. people coming to the summit will be asked to cover their own
   travel/accommodation. We will only sponsor invited people that do not have
   support from their own organisation.
   2. we will ask the participating projects for seed funds: e.g. SAMM
   already donated 10.000 USD
   3. we will ask chapters to sponsor the summit with the budget they have
   available (potentially 750K+ USD)
   4. we will create sponsor packages for our regular OWASP sponsors to
   support this summit

We do not expect that we will be making a profit, and that is not our
goal.  But we will definitely want to break-even with the above sources of
income (like we already did with the SAMM summits in previous years). We
see the 150K seed fund as our "starting capital" to assure that we can book
the venue and start the logistics. And, of course, we will involve you and
the staff on any major steps that would impact the financial bottom-line.
do we get out of this, or what is our "ROI"?

It all starts with getting the right people together working on the right
content.  So our main goal is to organize workshops, sessions & sprints at
the summit driven by both DevOps and AppSec people & principles. The first
list and (active) collaboration is already starting here:

Our objective is to make a big impact and productivity boost on our
projects and community by getting the main DevOps and AppSec people in one
venue for 5 days 24/7 in "summit-mode". We are getting very positive
feedback and people that indicated that they will come (see the Doodle here

The Summit success will be measured by the impact we will make with our
summit deliverables and the impact on OWASP projects & the community.

Seba, Dinis, Francois 27-Nov-2016
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